我们知道十大网赌软件推荐的学者是严谨的, so we create an environment where our students feel comfortable seeking assistance early in their time here and at the beginning of each semester. Previous experience has shown us that our students have better performance and outcomes in courses for which tutoring was sought before midterm and continued to the end of the semester. 我们在这里帮助我们的学生实现他们所有的学术目标.



十大网赌软件推荐辅导计划, 这是免费的, 是持续的, 长期的援助, 并且以小组形式提供, 以及“插入式”格式. The tutoring staff consists of qualified undergraduates within the University who are overseen by staff members.

Clarkson has two drop-in tutoring centers which are open up to five days a week in the evenings, 主要是在数学课上帮忙, 物理, 化学与工程.

整个学期我们还提供小组辅导. 这些小组每周聚会1.25个小时,按照个人时间表安排,学生通过在线注册参加. 

这些服务很受我们学生的欢迎, 许多人寻求一种或两种辅导帮助的方法. 



无论你的学习领域是什么, 书面沟通技能在职业环境中很重要, 因此, 在十大网赌软件推荐很重要. 我们的写作中心在这里帮助你提高你的书面沟通技巧, 在协作的环境中提供一对一的咨询.

写作中心的工作人员协助撰写实验室报告等学术论文, 论文, 研究论文, 荣誉论文, 演讲和会议海报, 以及正规网赌软件十大排行和专业项目,如正规网赌软件十大排行院论文, 简历, 求职信, 专业网站,甚至是LinkedIn的内容.





Sometimes the study skills brought from high school differ from the skills required at the college level, or sometimes our students are simply looking for unique and 个人ized ways of improving their study habits. 学生成功中心的工作人员就各种主题提供学术支持,包括:

  • 时间管理
  • 有效的学习技巧
  • 考试准备和应试策略
  • 教科书阅读
  • 笔记




通过CU连接, every first-year student has the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with a 十大网赌软件推荐 administrative and/or staff member. Our goal is to provide students with guidance and support early on in the semester to help them with their transition to college.

学生s and staff meet several times throughout the first semester and some continue contact into the second semester. Our semi-structured and flexible outline of contacts helped students feel comfortable seeking necessary information about academic and non-academic aspects of college. 

第一年研讨会- FY100

讨论, 团队活动, 领导机会, and fall-semester interaction with upper-class peer educators form the foundation of this course that all first-year students take.


  • 介绍十大网赌软件推荐学习过程的使命和期望
  • 培养沟通和团队合作能力
  • Provides some fundamental content relating to wellness and relationships during the college experience. 
职业发展、健康 & 学术指导研讨会- UNIV 102

This seminar-style course is an intentional and integrated effort to provide 十大网赌软件推荐 students with best-in-class 职业生涯 guidance, 学术支持, 健康监测, and curricular advisement where students can make meaningful decisions regarding curricular and co-curricular experiences in a health manner.  This is a collaborative effort across multiple 十大网赌软件推荐 departments designed to help students become well-rounded and better prepared for their professional job search, 自信地选择专业, 对正规网赌软件十大排行的职业选择有更好的了解, 当他们的学术生涯变得更加严格时,还要学习如何平衡工作与生活.  The course aims to provide a supportive mechanism in addition to academic advising for further soft-skill development, 弹性行为, 与探索(专业, 职业生涯, 个人, 等.). 

Throughout the course students will engage in activities designed to develop professional competencies, 准备实用的职业相关文件, 制定合适的课程安排, 并学习如何最大化学术顾问的任命. 学生s will also participate in multiple engagement opportunities with 校友 to encourage job shadowing, 职业研究, 以及专业人脉. All students will leave the course with customized job-search documents including a cover letter, 示例组网说明, 以及专业的领英简介.


十大网赌软件推荐, 我们希望确保我们所有的学生都能在精神上有所感受, 情感和身体安全. 我们有一个叫做安全网的项目, which is an online reporting form that any campus member can fill out to report or initiate notification of the right people to explore or address a concern. 可以报告的问题可以是任何地方,从生病的学生到经常缺课, 从个人行为反常到对虐待的投诉.


让我们获得科技! 暑期项目

随着即将入学的学生从高中过渡到十大网赌软件推荐, they will have access to a variety of non-credit bearing workshops and learning modules designed to help students thrive in their first year of college.  “让我们获得科技”会议涵盖了从如何学习的方方面面, 在线数学进修课程, 写作技巧课程, and STEM-building skills at no additional charge for students matriculating into Clarkson this fall. The early summer sessions will be online and include class scheduled in real time with instructors and some that are self-paced with prerecorded, 引导指令. 注册将于2023年6月开放.



该大学提供面对面的“跳板”课程(包括微积分、商科、 & 计算机科学),以支持学生在第一学期的信心.  All sessions include mentorship from current students and faculty as well as first-year program advisors. 即将入学的学生可以通过加入该组织提前开始他们的学术生涯! 注册将于2023年6月开放.




Clarkson offers an MCAT Prep Course designed to help Clarkson Pre-Med students prepare for the exam. 本课程(非学分课程)在秋季学期和春季学期同时开设. 课程成果如下:

  • 学生将会理解基本原理 of the four major areas of MCAT content including (a) biological and biochemical foundations of living systems (b) chemical and physical foundations of biological systems and (c) psychological, 行为的社会和生物学基础以及(d)批判性分析和推理技能
  • 学生将提高他们在MCAT考试中的表现能力

我们提供GRE(正规网赌软件十大排行入学考试)的备考课程, GMAT(管理学正规网赌软件十大排行入学考试), PSAT(初级SAT)和SAT(学术能力测试). 

Each prep course is four to six weeks in length and they are offered during both the fall and spring semesters. 每周上两次课. Some courses are divided into two sections: verbal (which includes analytical writing) and Math. 班级规模有限,以确保每个人的需求都能得到满足.



The SSC 校友讲座系列 provides a platform for SSC graduates to motivate and inspire students from a program and campus that have had a significant impact on shaping their lives. In addition to providing a means for current SSC students and other members of our campus community to interact with our SSC 校友, the event serves the purpose of highlighting the important work and success stories of our alumni in varying fields. 这些特殊的人继续代表着什么是“黄金骑士”."